Satisfaction is paramount, and our clients agree.

Thomas Creasy is the best by far…

My husband and I designed our home and decided to be our own contractor. We spoke with many firms about subcontracting the different components. As we began the process of framing, we ran into many problems and realized the firm we selected was truly not qualified for the job. I was fortunate to ask one our our sub-contractors if they could pick anyone in the Lynchburg area to build their home, who would it be. With very little thought he said that Thomas Creasy is the best by far. We called Thomas that day and we met with him the following day. It is so difficult to come in behind of someone and correct their mistakes, then continue with continuity. It didn't take us long to see we had made the best decision in hiring Thomas and his crew. If there were questions about anything, Thomas always gave the situation great thought, and in may cases presented us with several options.

If you are fortunate enough to work with Thomas Creasy and his crew, you will find beautiful craftsmanship, ease in working with others, politeness, always accommodating to help in any way, honesty, and the highest respect for the homeowner. The crew was very conscientious about keeping the jobsite clean. It was very easy for us all the way around.

We enjoyed every day working with Thomas and knowing our home would be built the way he would build his own. It was truly a blessing the day we hired Thomas Creasy's firm. As far as expenses, there were never any surprises that Thomas had not gone over with us prior to purchasing.

We highly recommend Thomas to anyone who wants perfection, honesty, a wealth of building knowledge, as well as a hands-on contractor. It was a great pleasure to get to know this group of very fine men. Their expertise was beyond our expectations.

Thank you Thomas for all you have done!

— Laura & Lynn Rosser

A finished project that surpassed our expectations…

We have a great admiration for Thomas and his expertise with both home building and design planning. Our first experience was in 1998 when Thomas helped design and build a double decker garage and workshop for my husband. Thomas and my husband, Rex, put together their ideas and the final result was better than we could have ever imagined. The structure was not only most efficient but also a compliment to the existing house as well.

Within a year or two we again had the pleasure of working with Thomas. This time on a project which was very exciting and important to us, our dream home. From the very beginning of the project, Thomas was extremely helpful and guided us through the process seamlessly. Thomas was very amenable to working from a magazine layout that had inspired the style and look we were after for our home and surrounding property. Again, we were presented with a finished project that had surpassed our expectations! Thomas has since guided our daughter and son-in-law through a remodel that has proven to be equally as satisfying and beautiful, and we know that they too are very happy to have had Thomas as their contractor.

Thomas is both a craftsman and an artist, and these fine qualities shine through with his work. Our home is proof of that. When someone asks who built our home, we are always proud and happy to say “Thomas Creasy did!”.

— Rex & Edith Demshar

Very comfortable that Thomas could hande any situation…

When Edna and I decided to build our new house, we had only one contractor in mind and that was Thomas. He had helped us with a small remodeling project and I knew from that point that I could rely on Thomas.

While I was working a great deal out of town, I knew that I could depend on his judgment, because every decision was based as if he were building his own house and had his name tied to it. I was also very comfortable that Thomas could handle any situation, not only because of his professionalism and competence, but more importantly his trustworthiness.  

— Steve & Edna Puckette  

Made designing and building our house a real pleasure…

In 1973, we bought a house from a builder by the name of T.B. Creasy. Mr. Creasy not only provided us with suggestions and choices but also supplies to complete some interior construction. In 2004, we were looking to build a house and happened to see some property in a subdivision that we really liked. After contacting the realtor handling the property, we were introduced to a builder. We were very much surprised when he turned out to be the son of the builder we bought our house from in 1973. We asked Thomas Creasy if he could build a house as good as his Dad could build. Thomas replied ‘I know I can.” And he did.

Thomas worked with us on maximizing every square inch of space available in the house. He created storage space where we had not expected it. He was very agreeable and listened to and discussed our questions and suggestions. He was receptive to our ideas and made them work!

Thomas Creasy was very easy to work with, and we were so pleased with his considerable knowledge of building regulations, home construction, supplies, and fixtures. He gave us helpful suggestions while listening intently to what we wanted in a custom built house. He gave us suggestions for inside the house that would make it more appealing when we go to sell it.  He eliminated almost all of the stress associated with building our home.

After hearing horror stories from others about the trials and tribulations of homebuilding, we were very glad that our builder was Thomas Creasy. He was not only knowledgeable but made designing and building our house a real pleasure. We would recommend him and his skills to anyone!  

— Charles & Linda Thaxton  

Sensitive to the needs and desires of his clients…

Thomas B. Creasy is a contractor who takes pride in the homes that he builds. Not only are his homes well engineered and carefully constructed, they are built under his on-site inspection and involvement. He is sensitive to the needs and desires of his clients, and he uses a superior grade of materials on every job. You will not be disappointed when you receive the keys to a new home built by Thomas B. Creasy.  

— Philip & Sherry Parker